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Bill Sontag Heritage Bay Seasonal Vacation Rental Bulletin Board

Heritage Bay Owners wishing to seasonally rent their Heritage Bay homes and renters looking for seasonal vacation rentals in Heritage Bay are having difficulty finding one another.

I have added this Bulletin Board to my website in order to allow Heritage Bay owners to post their seasonal rental properties and for renters to find the perfect golf course seasonal rental property.

Owners: Go to Owners –  Search Rental Requests for one you like. Click on the requests to see the renter’s notes. Before you hit SUBMIT for your Rental Posting, click on the box that says – Notify me of follow-up replies via email  Cannot find the right renter? Login and click on Owners – List Your Property and register there with details.

Seasonal Renters: Hit the Rental Login field and register. Click on Renters – Search for Properties to Rent,  Nothing there, go back and click on Renters – Post Your Rental Request. Create a detailed request and before you submit your request click on the box that says – Notify me of follow-up replies via email

This Bulletin Board is ONLY for Heritage Bay Owners to post their Heritage Bay seasonal renters and for renters looking for a golf course seasonal rental property.

Both parties agree that they will abide by Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club rules and regulations of the associations and the Master HOA and will submit all required forms and applications.

Heritage Bay Country Club owners will need to contact their Association Property Management companies to obtain vacation rental applications.

Heritage Bay Vacation Rental Rules

  • No rental postings or requests for less than 30 days.
  • No annual rental postings.
  • No commercial postings or requests will be permitted.
  • No properties for sale will be permitted.

*Disclaimer: Bill Sontag is not in the rental business and will not actively take part in the rental property process. I will always assist my current and former customers as I always have. Owners are responsible for paying the Short Term Rental Tax. Both parties understand that it is up to the property owner and the seasonal renter to check out the other party before signing a lease. Bill Sontag is not responsible for an damages or legal issues that arise from this free service.

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Rentals – Posted by Owners and Owners looking to post a property

Please use this page to post a property which you seek to rent out. This forum is for owners to post their available listings.

Rental Search

Looking for a place to rent seasonally in Heritage Bay? Post the dates you’re looking for and any other requirements here. Click on the link below and go to the bottom of the page Create New Topic

Helpful Links for Vacation Rentals

Floor Plans of Seasonal Rental Properties